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          中文简体 | Member Center| Register| Add to Favorites| Feedback| Site Map Welcome to Huafu official website!
          Huafu VIP Hotline:0755-27623158
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          Committed to be:
          A new generation of global leaders in the field of intelligent home security.
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          Committed to be a new generation of global leaders in the field of intelligent household security.

          New Products New Products
          1. Strong Anti-theft Performance

          Prevent technical unlock, prevent violence lock.

          2. Transmission Mode

          Each variable frequency signal, prevent copying, high safety.

          3.Receiving Mode

          Each variable frequency signals, mutual opening rate is 0.

          4. Unprecedented High Quality

          No keyhole design, unbreakable by anyone

          5. Smart System

          Use a dedicated remote controller, no password leakage safety hidden trouble

          6. Environmental Protection

          Lock body installed indoors only with no lock that can be seen outdoors.

          Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials

          Know Us Know us
          Company Profile
          Company Profile
          Company ProfileShenzhen Huafu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is Chinas first professional manufacturer of home remote control anti-theft locks with offices across the country. The present production scale and production and sales volume rank first in the industry with extremely competitive products. The Company is a high-tech enterprise recognized by Shenzhen municipal government, and is an advocate and a leader of "New Home Security,.【Detail
          Company News
          Company News
          Fast charging, double protection
          Quality Warranty
          • First-class serviceFirst-class service

            Professional developer and manufacturer of electronic anti-theft lock and intelligent stealth electronic remote control locks

          • First-class technologyFirst-class technology

            Shenzhen Huafu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacture of smart invisible door l

          • First-class qualityFirst-class quality

            Shenzhen Huafu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the operational philosophy of "Giving Priority to Persons,&n

          Information Center Information center
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          Ask A simple article to let you have a new awareness of guard ag.
          AnsHome is a shelter us safe, lock is the patron saint of the home. A super class B lock or yuan, but can guarantee the security of our family, greatly r.
          Ask Burglar alarm system design
          AnsBurglar alarm system is general by intrusion detectors, alarm controller and turning center (hardware and software). It is the simplest form of local .
          Ask hardware of intelligent hotel lock should have the advantage
          Ans1. Easy installation Battery box, modular circuit boards and other unique exquisite design, let the engineer to install the door just open a small hol.
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